... PEP is translated into 17 languages and offered in 57 countries. 

See which institutions that offers PEP

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The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) sets a few simple requirements for using the program 


The program and its material is developed on a voluntary basis and is offered free of charge.

The hosting facility and the volunteers managing the program can not take any salary.

It is fine to take a fee covering the actual expenses for renting a hall, equipment, printing material, refreshments and so on.


PEP should be presentented in a nice neutral environment without religious or political statements. There should be a large TV (or video projector) with good and sufficiant sound facilities.


There are two online forms to fill out:


1.  Information form - or registration form - which includes the name of the host organization, and the names of the volunteers for each program.


2.  PEP Agreement Form: - Each volunteer needs to sign an agreement.



1.) Click the link


2.) Fill out the form


3.) Submit


4.) You will be contacted by the PEP Welcome Team when all required forms have been received and verified.


If you fulfill the few simple requirements you will be able to get the go ahead from TPRF in about three days.


You can contact TPRF directly HERE


The local Danish PEP-group can be of help. See under CONTACT.


PEP is still in its pilot stage, and your feedback is valuable.


Statistics are being gathered on participation in the program worldwide. Once you start the program, you will be sent a statistics form to track the attendance.


TPRF requests stories, interviews, anecdotes, quotes, photos, and information about how the program affected participants (it is not necessary to include names).


Read expressions and feed back from participants from around the world on: www.premrawat.com - under "Dear Prem"


Support. You are invited to attend a free monthly international conference for PEP-volunteers from around the world on the internet (or phone) with information, inspiration, qustions and answers.


Find more material on www.tprf.org


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