Videos in English

Feedback from participants from all over the world ...                   3:32

PEP at Zonderwater. This video was made to support TPRF’s

Peace for People campaign.                                                                 4:34

Premlata Rawat Hudson speaks about PEP.                                  4:05

Prem Rawat at San Antonio prison and Texas State University.      22:49

The coolest gang. Prem Rawat speaking to young gang members.    6:57

The Power To Transform.  Prem Rawat speaking to participants in PEP

in Ezeiza Women's Prison near Buenos Aires, Argentina.                16:47

Videos with Danish subtitles

Peace is inevitable (trailer) – with Danish subtitles.                    5:41

Excerps from an upcoming documentary about how Prem Rawat’s message has inspired gangmembers in Ecuador toward a new direction in life.  

CHOICE – with Danish subtitles.                                             27:07

Peace Education Program at Zonderwater prison in South Africa.

For subtitles click the "gear" icon in the view bar below "Indstillinger" - choose "Undertekster" and "Dansk".

Danish Radio – P1  Interview with Prem Rawat about peaceful communication with Helle Solvang in "Language Lab"

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