.... start by finding others who would like to get PEP started and create a small team.

The program has been developed by The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) and the material can be made available free of charge.


PEP is a complete program in itself and does not need further teaching or explanation from the faciltator. It just needs to be advertised and facilitated.


PEP addresses the innate human ressources in each of the students. The facilitator only needs to keep a respectful and open atmosphere where each of the participants can express their personal experience - if they want to - without analyzing or creating a debate.


PEP can be hosted by an institution, an organization, a civic group, a private center, a company or similar.


There will need to be a manager to take care of advertising, the enrolement, the printed material and the setup of each of the 10 courses. This can be either yourself or one from the center that hosts the program.  PEP-manager


Have a host (or mc) to welcome the audience and to make sure that everybody are comfortable and to conduct the course. You - or somebody else - can get help and advice from one from the Danish PEP-group.  PEP-facilitator


It can be an advantage to have somebody be the a/v-responsible to run the video and sound.


There is material to be printed for each of the participants both a NOTE-book for the whole PEP and some additional materiale for each of the 10 courses (this could be send by mail in advance as a pdf for each person).


Some time is needed to explore the whole program, to plan, to advertice and to prepare each course.


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